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The pledge consists of 13 possible commitments and none are mandatory. The type and number of commitments selected will vary depending on each project's starting point and company's goals.

13 Voluntary Pledge Commitments:

  1. Have a green team or staff member in place who manages and tracks sustainability efforts.

  2. Provide an area for employees at project sites and offices to lock bikes and securely store tools.

  3. Use storm water management practices on all sites regardless of whether they meet the minimum size required by the authority having jurisdiction.

  4. Colorado offices (and onsite trailers if applicable) have low-flow fixtures.

  5. All trailers, owned by our company, have programmable thermostats in place and we inspect trailers using the "Trailer Efficiency Checklist"

  6. We lease project trailers and advocate for efficiency measures in them by submitting the "Colorado Contractor's Commitment to Energy Efficient Trailers" to every vendor we solicit proposals from and/or use on our project sites.

  7. No smoking on the project site, within the building, or within 15 feet of a public way.

  8. Cover ducts during construction.

  9. Utilize low-VOC products on the project wherever possible.

  10. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products in jobsite offices/trailers and during final clean-up of the project site, prior to turnover.

  11. Individual single-use bottled water is not provided on project sites.

  12. Recycle demolition and construction waste where services are available (e.g., concrete, asphalt, wood, metals).

  13. Establish baseline data and capture current data on recycled materials (by volume, container size, or weight). Data will be collected at the end of the year.

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Click on the button below to download a printable version of the pledge. The pledge is three pages and should take less than 10 minutes to complete. The pledge should be completed by a green team member or sustainability coordinator. Email completed pledges to ricea@gejohnson.com.

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